Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still Falling

Bush's approval, that is - 32% in the latest Gallup poll.

And Senate Republicans filibustered to protect this preznut's very unpopular Iraq troop surge plan?

No wonder GOP strategists are so worried about their chances in 2008. They know the Iraq war is a "black hole" that threatens to swallow the party whole before the next election cycle and yet they cannot seem to get away from backing the preznut's disastrous war policy.

For years the GOP used the Iraq war as a political hammer against Dems - but now their politicization of the war has come back to haunt them. So much so that they had to block a largely symbolic vote of confidence on the preznut's war policy and see headlines like this today:

Republicans Block Senate Debate on Iraq Resolution
And keep in mind that NPR pollsters Stan Greenberg (D) and Glen Bolger (R) have found that the 2006 midterms did not act like a release valve to help disippate voter anger toward the GOP.

The more GOPers back the preznut and the preznut's unpopular policies, the more they risk political annhilation in '08 - which is why some GOPers like Frank Luntz are so worried. As Luntz recently told Robert Novak "They do not want to hear the truth" in the Grand Old Party.

And this is the party that was supposed to be building a permanent majority after 2004?

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