Saturday, March 10, 2007

Not Enough Fresh Troops For Bush's Iraq Surge

If you're a critic of the preznut's troops surge policy in Iraq, Republicans are quick to point out how you're "against the troops" and "denying our brave military men and women in Iraq reinforcements." According to the Associated Press, however, the Pentagon is having a lot of time finding those "reinforcements" because they keep using the same soldiers over and over again for overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan:

WASHINGTON — Military leaders are struggling to choose Army units to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan longer or go there earlier than planned, but five years of war have made fresh troops harder to find.

Faced with a military buildup in Iraq that could drag into next year, Pentagon officials are trying to identify enough units to keep up to 20 brigade combat teams in Iraq. A brigade usually has about 3,500 troops.

The likely result will be extending the deployments of brigades scheduled to come home at the end of the summer, and sending others earlier than scheduled.


Maintaining increased troop levels, said military officials, will require troops to return for what could be their second or third tours in Iraq or Afghanistan, and force military leaders to juggle the schedules to give soldiers a full 12 months at home before returning to battle.

The officials would speak only on condition of anonymity, because no final decisions have been made and no formal requests for the forces have come from commanders in Iraq. But they said it is beginning to appear likely that Petraeus will ask to maintain much of the buildup at least through the end of the year, and possibly into 2008.

The Bushies keep extending overseas tours, aren't providing enough armor or between deployments training for soldiers and don't give a shit about wounded military men and women at Walter Reed and they're the ones accusing surge opponents of being "against the troops"?

Just another hypocrisy moment brought to you by the dishonest people in the Grand Old Party.

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