Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rank Amateurs

Juan Cole on yesterday's Beavis and Butthead terrorist attack at the Glasgow Airport:

The eyewitness description suggests rank amateurs with no training. They didn't actually get close enough to do much damage, and their behavior suggests that something went very wrong-- what with one of them on fire and trying to get into the trunk.

Larry Johnson points out that Friday's similar incident in London was similarly a SNAFU.

Long may terrorists be clueless screw-ups who can't start fires in cars because they leave the windows rolled up and starve the flames of oxygen, and who scramble around to manually detonate things while on fire themselves.

Just remember what screw-ups these guys are when Alberto Gonzales comes to you with a plea to repeal the Bill of Rights in order to deal with them.


I watched Larry on Countdown. I do read his blog too.

Spot on. Fear-mongering at its best.
And they're still at it on TV - never mind that these seemed to be pretty inept terrorists, and while it is truly disturbing that jihadis are hitting soft targets in Britain (and perhaps here soon enough) it is heartening to see that not all jihadis are competent. I wish the news media would help send that message.

One final thing: on Friday, the news media kept saying Brits were "stunned" and in shock over the attempted car bombings. But stories in the Times, the Post and elsewhere said most Brits shrugged the incidents off and went about their business. I wish Joe Lieberman, Rudy Giuliani and the other professional fear mongerers would learn a lesson from that. But they won't. There is no power or profit in that.
Yeah, I don't believe for one second that the Brits were "stunned" or in shock. I mean they lived through years of IRA bombings.
Not to mention that if this is the best Al qaeda can do these days, Al Qaeda is really fucked as a terrorist movement.
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