Wednesday, March 30, 2005


New York State owes the New York City public school system billions of dollars.

Governor Pataki says the state doesn't have it. The Assembly and the State Senate are completing the latest budget without adding the school funds to it. Mayor Bloomberg wants the billions owed to the school system, but only if the city doesn't have to pay any of it.

In the meantime, the Mayor and the Governor are ready to spend $2 billion dollars for the new Jets stadium on the West Side of Manhattan.

$2 billion dollars! That price tag will make the Jets stadium the most expensive sports arena in the world. But I guess $2 billion dollars is a small cost to pay for 8 home football games a year, one home playoff loss every three years or so, and the opportunity to bribe members of the International Olympic Committee, not to mention enrich Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff with millions in real estate profits.

So what if NYC schoolkids have to attend overcrowded schools that hold classes in bathrooms and gymnasiums; so what if Advanced Placement classes are canceled for lack of funding; so what if many of the textbooks kids use are from the 50's. This is the Jets we're talking about!

I guess if New York City school kids could field a mediocre football that goes 36 years without winning a championship but finds some painful ways to lose playoff games, then they might finally see the money owed to them.

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