Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cablevision Sues

As expected, Cablevision has sued to kill the MTA's West Side real estate deal with the Jets. They have named the Jets, New York City, and the MTA as defendants in the lawsuit.


Cablevision said in a statement: "The MTA, the mayor's office, and the Jets stacked the deck in favor of the Jets at the expense of New York taxpayers, subwayriders, and commuters." They asked the judge to either award the bid to Cablevision or force another bidding process that would be fair and proper.

Mayor Moneybags responded this way at a news conference: "'If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em' is unfortunately how some people go about it."

Right, Mike. Cablevision was beaten fair and square and now they're just leveling a frivolous lawsuit to muddy the waters, delay the inevitable stadium deal, and ruin it for everybody. Some people are just such sore losers.

Except that you can't call someone a sore loser when the game wasn't fair to begin with.

And the game is never fair when your involved, is it Mikey boy? Let's run down how you "stacked the deck" in favor of your side:

1. You were planning on giving away the West Side real estate, worth as much as $1 billion dollars, for a million bucks to your billionaire buddy Robert "Woody" Johnson.
2. You were planning to railroad the stadium deal through without any public scrutiny until Cablevision embarrassed you into opening the bidding process.
3. When Cablevision offered a better deal than your billionaire buddy did, your associate, Deputy Dan Doctoroff, put together an ancillary real estate deal with some of the city's biggest builders to improve the paltry amount of money the Jets were offering.
4. Finally you and Governor Pataki rigged the voting process by the MTA board.

So you're so right, Mike. Cablevision is just showing itself to be a sore loser while you are a gracious, gracious winner.

But real gracious winners actually give their opponents a chance to win, Mayor Bloomberg. You never do. In your case, it's "If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em."

That's how you won in the first place, right.

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