Friday, April 29, 2005

Ferrer Shakes up the Campaign

Chad Clanton, Director of Communications, and David Axelrod, a senior media advisor, quit Fernando Ferrer's mayoral campaign over "strategic differences" yesterday.


Ferrer is sinking faster and faster. Democratic rival Virginia Fields has caught him in the polls. Bloomberg has soared ahead of him. Now Ferrer's shaking up his campaign to gain some traction again.

Maybe a shake-up will work for Ferrer the way it worked for John Kerry in the months before the Iowa caucus. Maybe.

But the only shake-up that I think will work for the Ferrer campaign is if they fire Freddie himself and get somebody good to run. Or at least somebody less self-destructive. Ferrer is such a bad Democratic front-runner, it's like Freddie's actually a double agent for the Bloomberg campaign while simultaneously running for the Democratic nomination.

And don't laugh, Bob Kerry almost did it - heading up "Democrats for Bloomberg" while simultaneously running against Mayor Moneybags in the general election.

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