Monday, April 25, 2005

Ferrer Sinks Some More

How dumb is Freddie Ferrer? So dumb, he proposed to revive the tax on stock trades because the city is under court order to provide billions of dollars for the public schools and must get the money for somewhere.

The only problem: the state is under court order to provide billions of dollars for education, not the city.


You know, I always thought Ferrer was a bit of a schmuck. But the more I watch him during the '05 mayoral campaign, the more I'm convinced he's the dumbest man in New York City politics. Bloomberg will make short work of him in November, so I hope Freddie keeps shooting himself in both feet during this early part of the primary season. Then we can bury his candidacy and start looking seriously at Weiner, Miller, or Fields.

I notice that Weiner is starting to get some serious press, though his poll numbers aren't moving yet. That's all right. Let the good press come and the rise in poll numbers (or at least the name recognition) will follow.

In the meantime, the bad press for Freddie Ferrer continues.

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