Thursday, April 14, 2005

More Sordid Daily News Headlines

The New York Daily News loves sex scandals.


I don't know if either of these teachers is guilty of having sex with students. I do know that if either one or both of these teachers are innocent of the allegations, their lives are already ruined no matter what the ultimate outcome.

I wonder if there is not a better to way to investigate these kinds of criminal charges without plastering the people all over the front covers of the tabloids? Or is that part of the legal strategy? Break 'em down by humiliating them in public?

And aren't there more important stories (even education stories) to put on the front page of the paper? Are these salacious tales the most important pieces of "news" that have occured in the city, country, or the world in the last 24 hours? I mean, isn't there something else about the Pope's death we need to know about?

Sigh. I'm not excusing the behavior of teachers who engage in sexual activity with students. This behavior is abominable and a betrayal of the public trust. I am sick of the tabloids' lapping these stories up while engaging in phony outrage over them. Let's face it, the editorial page of the Post will publish diatribes over the protections teachers' unions offer for "perv teachers" while they really relish the ability to splash these stories all over their paper.

How come we never hear about when a Post or Daily News employee is arrested for something sordid?

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