Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Utah Pulling out from NCLB?

Looks like Utah is pulling out from No Child Left Behind, turning down $ 76 million dollars in federal funds in order "to give state education standards priority over federal ones."

Between Connecticut's lawsuit against the federal gov't and Utah turning down the federal funds, I can't imagine Bush and Spellings are going to have an easy time selling the high school sequel to NCLB.

Thank God.

UPDATE: Yep. The Utah Senate passed a bill (25-3) requiring state education officials "to ignore provisions of the federal law that conflict with Utah's education goals or that require state financing." The Utah House passed the bill 66 -7. And the governor, Jon Huntsman Jr., says he will sign the bill into law.

Looks like NCLB II is going to be as dead in the dust as privatization of Social Security. How do you expand your federal education law to high schools when so many states (15 in all) are starting to rebel against its unfunded mandates (including Bush's home state of Texas, which is fighting testing for disabled students)?

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