Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dog Bites Wolf

Ahh, CNN, the once proud flagship of the cable news networks, has fallen into a persistent vegetative state. I'm not sure now if CNN is a 24 hour cable news network or a round-the-clock version of Entertainment Tonight.

With all that is transpiring in the world today, from the bloody quagmire in Iraq to the bloody partisanship in the Senate, CNN decides to poll viewers on whether they believe a dog could care for a baby or not.


WTF??? Was there nothing else important in the news cycle today that they had to go with the dog poll? Or do they possibly think that they can take away some FAUX News Channel viewers by adding some more "infotainment" to their already light line-up?

Between all of the bullshit "Runaway Bride" stories they ran, the goddamned car chases they love to cover, and "Breaking News" alerts in the f*****g Michael Jackson trial they're always flashing across the screen, I wish somebody would pull the funding plug on the whole network and see if a dog could revive it.

Cuz' we know the Wolf can't.

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