Monday, May 02, 2005

Ferrer's New Communications Director

Freddie Ferrer's sinking mayoral candidacy gets a new communications director this week - Jen Bluestein, the media consultant who helped defeat Mayor Bloomberg's effort to end partisan elections in New York City in 2003 despite being outspent by millions.


Bluestein has the hardest job in New York City politics right now - saving Freddie from himself. Ferrer has had a very bad two month stretch, starting with the Diallou comments to the police group and continuing to his widely-ridiculed proposal to bring back the stock tax to fund education.

If Bluestein can actually save Ferrer, she should be sanctified by Democrats nation-wide, because Freddie's mayoral candidacy is so inept it makes John Kerry's failed bid for president look like Bill Clinton's masterful presidential campaigns all those years ago.

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