Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A letter to David Brooks

Here's a letter I wrote to David Brooks, Times columnist and member of the vast right-wing propaganda and smear machine. The letter is in response to this column:

Mr. Brooks,

Who was your reliable source who informed you that Harry Reid had assured Bill Frist that he would prevent a filibuster on the next Supreme Court nominee as part of the "filibuster deal"'?

Was it the same source who told the Adminstration Iraq was rife with WMD's?

Was it the same source who told Dick Cheney American troops would be welcomed into Mosul with flowers and bouquets?

Was it the same source who told you previously that Democrats couldn't stick together on Social Security?

Come on, David, who are you kidding?

We know you're part of the "vast right-wing" propaganda machine, along with FOX, the Moonie Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and National Review, whose job it is to publish and promote the lies of the right-wing power elite to fool the public, roil up the conservative troops and hoodwink Democrats and liberals.

Don't you think we know you are one of the "reasonable" right-wing columnists whose job it is to plant bullshit and seed discord in a "nice, reasonable" manner, sort of like the "anti-Novak".

Which still means your job is to lie, cheat, mislead, misconstrue, fool people, and plant bullshit. Like the Reid deal rumor, which is total bullshit.

Why don't you (and your new bandmate, John Tierney) engage in honest debate instead of trying to bamboozle people with dishonest, disingenuous arguments?

You want to privatize everything, from Social Security to the railroads because government offends you. Say so, my free-market friend! You want to de-regulate everything in sight because you believe free-market principles are more important than clean water, monopoly-free business, adequate health care for all Americans, etc. Well then, tell Americans you want to gut the EPA, abolish all anti-trust acts, and finish off Medicare and Medicaid.

Be brave, like Barry Goldwater, who told the truth about his politics. Sure it was poison at the ballot box (which is what Rove is finding out about his Social Security privatization scheme right now). But at least be honest and upstanding. Tell the truth. It feels good.

Especially for such a moral, religious man as yourself.

For all I know, Brooks is telling the truth about Harry Reid's "offer" to Frist. But there's no doubt that people like Brooks and other conservative columnists and television show hosts are used to distort truth, disseminate Republican talking points and fool Americans into supporting policies that are antithetical to their interests. And they need to be called on their bullshit and exposed for their partisan hackery rather than being treated as "fair and balanced" commentators.

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