Saturday, May 14, 2005

Whoo-Hoo!!! Mission Accomplished Again!

Operation Matador, a week-long offensive along the Syrian border in western Iraq, ended today. The U.S. military called the operation a success, saying they had "neutralized" an insurgent sanctuary, killed over 125 militants, detained 39 insurgents of "intelligence value," and seized weapons and bomb-making material.


The Associated Press wonders just how successful Operation Matador was:

The U.S. military said the seven-day operation “neutralized” an insurgent sanctuary. But in Qaim, the town where the campaign began, masked fighters armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades remained in plain sight just 24 hours earlier, setting up checkpoints and vowing to defend the town if U.S. forces return.

Why do we even bother believing these clowns anymore? They told Americans the war would be fast and inexpensive. They lied. They told us Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction. They lied. They told us Sadamm brought down the World Trade Center or at least partly funded the attack. They lied. They told us major combat operations were over in May 2003 and the mission in Iraq was accomplished. They lied. They told us in mid-2003 that the insurgency was a temporary distraction from the progress in Iraq and that the few "dead-enders" involved would be taken and punished. They lied. They told us the insurgency would lose steam after they captured Sadaam. They lied. They told us the insurgency would lose steam after Bremer handed over power to the Iraqi interim government. They lied. They told us the insurgency would have its back broken after the Iraqi people held successful democratic elections in January. They lied.

Why do we believe anything anybody in the administration says? They do nothing but lie. I'm stealing this line, but it is so appropos: Every word that comes out of George W. Bush's mouth or the mouths of any of his minions is a lie including "and" and "is".

Operation Matador. Mission Accomplished. Again.

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