Saturday, June 11, 2005

Time for Another $11 Million Bloomberg Ad Blitz

Trouble at Bloomberg Headquarters (Via NY Daily News):

"Mayor Bloomberg's stadium pitch isn't the only thing that's crumbled - so has his once-commanding lead almost over all his Democratic rivals, a new poll shows.

The Marist College Institute survey shows measurable fallout for Bloomberg after his most public defeat since he took office in 2002.

The poll was taken in two parts - before and after Albany lawmakers nixed state funding for the West Side stadium project.

After the stadium tanked, Bloomberg was virtually tied with Democrat Fernando Ferrer, down 45% to 46%.

A week earlier, Bloomberg was leading Ferrer 49% to 40%.

Bloomberg's tumble followed a multimillion-dollar TV ad blitz, and reinforced the notion among political experts that the November race will be close."

That was a quick freefall. Just last week NY 1 was touting Bloomberg's amazing 9 point lead over Ferrer. Now Ferrer leads Mayor Moneybags by 1 percentage point, well within the margin of error.

Oh, well. Guess the Mayor will have to spend another $11 million dollars to get the poll numbers back up. Bloomberg couldn't buy Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver this week, but that won't stop him from trying to buy the New York City electorate. And all it takes to buy the press is a couple of free sandwiches, an open bar with top shelf hootch, and a cute nickname from City Hall.

Oh, and I remember writing a few months ago that Freddie Ferrer's candidacy was dead after the Diallo debacle, when Ferrer claimed the shooting of Mr. Diallo by police wasn't a "crime."

I was wrong about Ferrer's candidacy. I hope I stay wrong. I'm no Freddie Ferrer fan, but I would really, really, really like to see Mayor Mike's face on election night if he loses. I think Congressman Anthony Weiner would make a much better candidate than Ferrer, but if Freddie can start getting some momentum in the polls, I'm ready to support him.

Anything to send Mayor Moneybags onto a permanent Bermuda vacation.

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