Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What Are The Bush Twins Doing For Work These Days

From The Associated Press:

"06/07/05 AP: Army IDs Highest-Ranking Officer Casualty
The Army on Tuesday announced the identity of the highest-ranking officer to die in the Iraq war, Col. Theodore S. Westhusing, 44, of Dallas, who died Sunday in Baghdad.

No details about the circumstances of his death were disclosed.

The Army said he died from 'non-combat related injuries.' That is a category that includes death by accident, illness, act of God or suicide."

The highest-ranking officer to die in Iraq is a colonel? Huh. So you mean the other 1,678 dead American military personnel held a rank lower than colonel? Not one general has had his ass blown off by a roadside bomb? Not one general was buying fruit at a Baghdad food stand when a car bomb went off? Not one general died in the siege of Fallujah or in battles on the Syrian border or in helicopter crash north of Baghdad?

How come the generals never die in these wars? I mean, I'm not wishing bad things on people, but how come out of the 1,679 dead Americans in this war, not one general or Pentagon official has been killed?

Why is it always the little people who get to be the cannon fodder?

And by the way, I notice the Bush twins still don't have real jobs yet even though they graduated from college in the spring of 2004. Robert Novak noted in his column in the Sun-Times on May 26th that the army has a real recruiting problem because of the Iraq War. He writes:

"Retired Army Lt. Col. Charles Krohn got himself in trouble with his superiors as a Pentagon civilian public affairs official during the first 3-1/2 years of the Bush administration by telling the truth. He is still at it in private life. He says not to blame the military recruiters for the current recruiting 'scandal.' Blame the war.

'Army recruiting is in a death spiral, through no fault of the Army,' Krohn told me. Always defending uniformed personnel, he resents hard-pressed recruiters being attacked for offering unauthorized benefits to make quotas. In a recent e-mail sent to friends (mostly retired military), Krohn complained that the 'Army is having to compensate for a problem of national scope.'

The Army's dilemma is maintaining an all-volunteer service when volunteering means going in harm's way in Iraq. The dilemma extends to national policy. How can the United States maintain its global credibility against the Islamists, if military ranks cannot be filled by volunteers and there is no public will for a draft?"

I know this won't solve the whole recruiting problem, but why don't the Bush twins sign up for one of the new 15 month hitches the army started selling last month to try to sucker in new recruits. Then, when the Bush twins' 15 month tour of duty ends, the army can stop-loss them into another 4 years in the service, just like their doing to regular recruits who don't have the connections Jenna and Barbara do. As USA TODAY noted earlier in the year,

"WASHINGTON — The Army will announce as early as Tuesday new orders that will forbid thousands of soldiers from leaving the service after they return this year from Iraq, Afghanistan and other fronts in the war against terrorism, defense officials said Monday.

The "stop loss" orders mean personnel who could otherwise leave the military when their volunteer commitments expire will be forced to remain to the end of their overseas deployments and up to another 90 days after they come home. "Stop movement" orders also bar soldiers from moving to new assignments during the restricted period. The orders do not extend any unit's stay overseas."

Oh, who am I kidding? Even if the Bush twins did sign up for a 15 month hitch with the army, they wouldn't complete their tours of duty. Hell, their members of the Bush family. Just like their dear old dad, they'd have somebody pull strings and get them out of their obligations.

It's good to be the offspring to the king.

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