Sunday, July 31, 2005

This Story Didn't Even Get A Mention By The New York Times Or The Washington Post

From The Associated Press:

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Five U.S. soldiers were killed by roadside bombs in two separate incidents in Baghdad, the U.S. military said Sunday.

In the first attack Saturday around 1:40 p.m., a patrol hit a roadside bomb in the southern Dora neighborhood, killing a soldier from Task Force Baghdad, a statement said. Two others were wounded in that incident.

Later that evening, around 11 p.m., four Task Force Baghdad soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb exploded in southwestern Baghdad.

The names of all the soldiers killed are being withheld pending notification of next of kin...

...The violence continued Sunday when a car bomb exploded south of Baghdad, killing five civilians and wounding 10, including two policemen. The bomb targeted a police vehicle as it was passing on a main road near the town of Haswa, 30 miles south of Baghdad, said police Capt. Muthanna Khaled Ali.

A day earlier, roadside bombs killed two British contractors in southern Iraq and at least seven people in the capital. The Britons, who worked for the security firm Control Risks Group, were guarding a British consulate convoy in Basra, Iraq’s second-largest city, 340 miles southeast of Baghdad. Two Iraqi children were wounded when a second device exploded five minutes later, police said."

5 dead American soldiers doesn't even merit a mention on the NY Times or the Washington Post websites. I guess the "5 dead American soldiers" story is so played out now after two+ years of war that they don't even bother covering these kinds of stories prominently anymore. The insurgent attacks have to be spectacular in Iraq and the numbers of dead and wounded high or the news media yawns at the incidents.

I'd bet the families of those 5 Americans aren't yawning. I'd also bet the families of the slaughtered Iraqi civilians aren't yawning. Nor the families of the two British contractors killed by a roadside bomb blast.

But instead of covering these stories and getting pictures and video to send home showing just what a mess it is in Iraq, the NY Times and the Washington Post both have stories about how the "lame-duck" preznit isn't so lame-duck anymore, what with the passage of CAFTA and pork-laden highway and energy bills this week. And the Washington Post goes down on Condi Rice with a "What an improvement Condi is over Colin Powell at the State Dept." story that actually made me wretch in my coffee this morning.

But no stories about the deaths in Iraq. No stories about how the Bush administration blocked the release of more Abu Ghraib photos on July 22, 2005 that a judge had ordered under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the ACLU and others which show Iraqi children being raped at Abu Ghraib as well as other incidents of torture and abuse perpetrated at the hands of U.S. personnel which Donald Rumsfeld himself called "inhumane." No stories about the impending civil war in Iraq and what's going to happen to that country after the U.S. starts pulling out in 2006.

Instead we get suck-up stories from the press about how great Condi is and how resilient the preznit is (apparently because his "stubbornness" pays off in the end.)

No wonder these motherfuckers have gotten away with starting a war for bullshit reasons, screwing up the entire "post-Mission Accomplished" phase through sheer stupidity and arrogance, leaking a covert CIA operative's name for partisan gain, ramming through Congress laws that entrench more and more power and in the hands of astronomically rich corporations and the investment class while squeezing ordinary workers for every nickel, dime, and job benefit they have, and allowing malignant corporations like ExxonMobil to run U.S environmental policy while the effects from global warming become more and more serious in the world (2005 is on pace to be the hottest year ever!!!)

But these bastards send out Frank Lunzt, Karen Hughes, Dan Bartlet and the rest of the Party Propagandists to muddy the waters on any negative story on the White House and so we get stories where the New York Times and The Washington Post perform blowjobs on the administration instead of holding them accountable for the mistakes (or crimes!!!).

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