Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stand Down, Randi: Weingarten's Legacy As UFT Preznit

I posted this over at Edwize, the UFT blog. I want to repost it on my blog just in case the wankers at Edwize decide to delete my comments.

The original blog post, written by Peter Goodman, is entitled "A Mayoral Legacy" and wonders how Bloomberg will be remembered in the future. I wonder in the comments section how Randi Weingarten will be remembered by future UFT members (if the UFT is still around):

Let’s forget the mayor’s legacy and talk about Randi Weingarten’s legacy as UFT preznit.

What kind of legacy does a union leader who concedes 20 years worth of contract provisions for a mere 11.4% leave behind her after she’s gone?

What kind of legacy does a union leader who gets eaten alive in every contract negotiation she has ever engaged in leave behind her after she’s gone?

What kind of legacy does a union leader who gets to concede another 20 years of contract provisions in the next negotations come 2006 leave behind her after she’s gone?

Randi Weingarten’s true legacy will be to leave the smoldering ruins of her once powerful teachers union behind her. She will exit her presidency and start her run for mayor after turning the clock back for teachers to 1950. Randi will have concded time, days, Circular 6, seniority and grievance rights, and a sixth class to the city in one contract! And in the next one, right around the corner in 2006, Randi will finish the job by conceding merit pay, more time, more days, and tenure.

Congratulations, Randi. What took 40 years to build, you destroyed in just a couple of years.

Stand down, Randi, before it’s too late.

Do what’s right for your membership and resign. Let somebody who’s competent and effective head the United Federation of Teachers at this crucial moment when the union is in a fight for its life.

Stand down, Randi. Stand down. And take your patronage hacks with you wherever you go.

Before it’s too late and the union is completely destroyed.

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