Friday, December 23, 2005

Back To Work

TWU members are back to work today and, according to the MTA, the buses and subways are running normally.

We will be rushing to and from work today, thinking about last minute Christmas shopping, vacation plans, holiday parties, work projects being put on hold for the holidays, etc.

How many of us will be thinking about the TWU workers who get us to our stations and/or bus stops safely every day?

How many of us will be thinking about all the blue collars workers across this country who are being asked to take wage cuts, pension benefit cuts and health care benefit cuts so that the investment class can squeeze a few more percentage points of profit out of their stocks or from their tax cuts?

How many of us will remember that in the class war against the middle and working classes, the Bloombergs of the world are winning big-time battles?

How many of us will remember that the next pension or health care benefit Bloomberg (or some other corporate lord) comes for might be our own?

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