Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Toussaint: Take The Pension Issue Off the Table And We'll End The Transit Strike

This seems pretty simple. From the NY Times:

Roger Toussaint, the leader of the transit workers union, said today that his members would return to work only if the Metropolitan Transit Authority took its pension proposal off the table, but he added that the union was ready to resume negotiations right away.

His remarks during a news conference this afternoon came as the city's first transit strike in 25 years stretched into its second day and as the heated verbal jousting between Mr. Toussaint and the governor and mayor intensified, with both sides complaining about the propriety and legality of the other's conduct..

"Provided that the pension issue comes off the table, that would be a basis for us to go back to work," Mr. Toussaint said. He later added: "We are prepared to resume negotiations right away. We wouldn't end the strike as a condition of negotiations."

Soon after he spoke, several government employees' unions including those representing teachers, firefighters and municipal workers backed the transit workers union's demand for the M.T.A. to drop the pension issue from negotiations.

Drop the pension concessions demands, Mr. Mayor and Governor Bagman, and the trains and buses will start moving immediately.

Seems to me you guys could end this strike pretty quickly if you wanted to.

The question is, do you want to?

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