Monday, January 16, 2006

Attorney General Gonzales On Larry King Right Now

Wow, Al Gore's speech calling for a special counsel to investigate the domestic spying scandal must have touched a raw nerve inside the White House.

They didn't waste any time getting Abu Gonzalez on the talk show circuit to obfuscate the issue.

I bet Abu will be making the morning show rounds on all three broadcast networks as well as Fox, MSNBC, and CNN too.

I guess the words "special counsel" really scare the shit out of this administration.

And they should.

They know that they can control Congress and force Senator Specter to hold Potemkin hearings over the NSA spying program.

They know they can control the media by sending out the RNC minions to lie, mislead,and muddy the waters of the story.

They also know they may not be able to control a special prosecutor just the way they haven't been able to control...

Which is why they're scared shitless about Gore's challenge today. They know a special prosecutor like Fitzgerald could blow the doors off the administration after five years of little media scrutiny and even less Congressional oversight.

And they'll do anything to avoid it from happening.

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