Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chris Matthews Planned To Raise Money For "Satan"

Chris Matthews called GOP superlobbyist "Satan" on MSNBC yesterday for stealing a lot of money from his clients, including bilking millions from Indian tribes.

So if Matthews considered Abramoff "Satan," why was he planning to raise money for Abramoff back in 2003?

John Aravosis at AMERICAblog has the details, but the basic gyst is that Matthews, along with FOX "reporters" Brit Hume and Tony Snow, planned to help out with an event called the Interactive Spy Gala Game that was going to raise money for an Abramoff "charity", the Capital Athletic Foundation, on March 5, 2003. The Washington Post notes that the Capital Athletic Foundation spent less than 1 percent on sports-related athletic programs for youths. Instead Abramoff channeled 99 percent of the money to "pet projects" including golf trips and political causes.

The event sounds like it was canceled because of the start of the Iraq war. Still, Matthews, Hume and Snow were essentially going to raise money for Abramoff's "pet projects" - basically bribing public officials with money, trips, and other gifts. Now I expect this kind of behavior from Hume and Snow. But Matthews claims to be an "impartial journalist."

So why is this "impartial journalist" calling Abramoff "Satan" but failing to disclose his own relationship with Abramoff?

Come clean, Chris. You'll feel better about yourself. Make believe you're in confession, OK?

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