Saturday, January 07, 2006

Will The New House Majority Leader Be Any Less Corrupt From The Old One?

Matt Yglesias at TPM Cafe gets this exactly right:

DeLay is out as Majority Leader, and we don't yet know who's in. A question to focus on when we enter the Blunt/Boehner/Whomever regime is this -- were there any issues of any consequence over the past five years on which the New Boss took a different stance from the Old Boss? Does the New Boss favor any initiatives the Old Boss opposed? Does the New Boss oppose any initiatives the Old Boss favored? My very, very, very strong guess is that the answers to all those questions will be "no." This is an effort, in other words, to get out from under the "taint of corruption" without changing anything.

Meet the new "pay to play" boss leading the House GOP, same as the old "pay to play" boss who used to lead the House GOP...

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