Thursday, February 23, 2006

John McCain Continues Sell-Out To Karl Rove

Ever since the 2004 election, John McCain has done his very best to satisfy Karl Rove as much as possible on as many issues as possible in order to garner Rove's support for the 2008 election.

That behavior, known as "selling out" or "selling your soul" continues during the Dubai ports sale controversy. Here's Scottie McClellan at the gaggle yesterday using McCain to help defend the preznit's indefensible policy (via the Note):

Note the way Scott McClellan invoked Sen. McCain from the podium at yesterday's briefing:

McClellan: "Senator McCain said we shouldn't be rushing to judgment here; we should understand what the facts are. As he said, he supports the President and he knows fully that this President is going to do everything he can to make sure that the American people are protected, and that includes in a situation like this."

I would like to Note that John McCain serves as senator of a state without any ports.

I would also like to Note how John McCain does believe the border with Mexico, which stretches throughout the bottom of his state, should be made more secure.

Strangely though, he's ready to give six U.S. ports to a country that helped fund 9/11 terrorists.

Note the irony of that position.

Or the hypocrisy.

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