Friday, February 10, 2006

Three of the Top Four Headlines at the Times Right Now

Ex-FEMA Leader Says Bush Aides Knew of Floods
Michael D. Brown testified that the Bush administration was too focused on terrorism to respond properly to natural disasters.

Republicans on Hill Add Voices to Dissent Over Eavesdropping
More Republicans in Congress are expressing their growing doubts about the N.S.A.'s domestic spying program.

Ex-C.I.A. Official Says Iraq Data Was Distorted
Paul R. Pillar said the Bush administration had distorted prewar intelligence on Iraq to justify decisions officials had already made.

Not a good news cycle for the White House.

I bet Karl Rove's feeding Adam Nagourney a "Dems in Disarray" story right now fresh for Sunday's paper and praying for it to snow like a motherfucker and get the press covering a weather story.

Anything to end this news nightmare.

I don't do that much national politics stuff, but I couldn't help but noticed this either, and put up something similar.

How much will it take before America realizes there's significantly more here than oral sex?
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