Tuesday, March 14, 2006

69 Bodies Found In Baghdad In Last 24 Hours

Preznit Bush used part of his "The Iraq War is going swimmingly" speech yesterday at George Washington University to say Iraq has not fallen into civil war though the country has experienced some extreme violence:

"The Iraqi people made their choice," he said. "They looked into the abyss and did not like what they saw."

Meanwhile the Associated Press reports that police have found at least 69 bodies over the last 24 hours in Baghdad - all executed in apparent retaliation for Sunday's coordinated car bombings in the Shiite neighborhood of Sadr City which killed 58 people and wounded more than 200. These retaliatory killings mark the second mass wave of killings in Iraq since the Golden Mosque was destroyed in Samarra on February 22.

Here are some of the details:

An abandoned minibus containing 15 bodies was found Tuesday on the main road between two mostly Sunni neighborhoods in west Baghdad, not far from where another minibus containing 18 bodies was discovered last week, said Interior Ministry official Maj. Falah al-Mohammedawi.

Fourteen bodies - handcuffed and shot and dressed only in underwear - were discovered in southeast Baghdad, police Lt. Bilal Ali said.

At least 40 more bodies were discarded in various parts of Baghdad, including both Sunni and Shiite neighborhoods, said al-Mohammedawi, while three bodies with gunshot wounds were found in Mosul, said Dr. Baha-Aldin al-Bakri at Mosul's Jumhouri Hospital.

But don't worry, cuz' there's no civil war here. As the preznit said, the Iraqi people have looked into the abyss and didn't like what they saw there.

Good God, how does anybody take anything the preznit says about Iraq and not just hear meaningless rhetoric and spin?

POSTSCRIPT: BTW, the preznit also used his "The Iraq War Is Going Swimmingly" speech to point a finger at Iran:

"Some of the most powerful IEDs we're seeing in Iraq today include components that come from Iran," Bush said. Such actions, along with Iran's nuclear program, he said, "are increasingly isolating Iran, and America will continue to rally the world to confront these threats."

That's the neocon Bush speechwriters for you - never losing an opportunity to raise the rhetoric and get Americans pumped up for another ass-kicking, mission accomplished Middle Eastern war.

Rachel Maddow on Air America was saying that the audience was hand-picked from some political organization or other, and that the actual GWU students were away on a break.

They were filming Crossfire over there for a while, and the right-wingers were up in arms about the cheers the left side got.
Half the reason why the administration is in such bad shape is because the preznit and his policy people can't stand to listen to or talk to anyone who doesn't agree with them.

David Gergen said they could repair some of the damage done to Bush's presidency if they just brought in a few moderates or even a Dem or two. But Gergen noted also that they won't - they're too stubborn.

I think that's part of the problem. Butr the other problem with Bush and Rove is that they privilege ideological purity over all else - including competency and experience.

In other words, if you already agree with them and won't tell them stuff they don't agree with, there's a Medal of Freedom in your future.
I like David Gergen. I used to watch him with Mark Shields on the News Hour and think--Wow, he's not insane. Maybe conservatives are not so bad after all.

Sadly, I've yet to see another like him.
I like Gergen a lot too. He's not insane because he's not married to an ideology, reality be damned, like Rove, Bush, Cheney et al.

I didn't realize Gergen used to sit opposite Mark Shields on the Newshour.
I remember Gigot, of course, and now Bobo Brooks. What time period was Gergen there?
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