Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bloomberg For President?

I saw a Bloomberg for President sign on top of a taxi cab on 45th Street today.

I nearly walked into a tree staring at the sign on top of the cab as it sped by me.

Is it real? Is it a joke? Has it been around awhile?

I dunno, but I do know one thing:

If Mayor Moneybags gets elected President of the United States, every student in every state across this nation will be learning the exact same thing at the exact time in the exact same way every day.

This policy is known as Bloomberg's "education reforms."

If Americans want to put even more emphasis on standardized testing in primary and secondary education than we currently have under the No Child Left Behind law, they should draft Bloomberg to run for the White House.

Of course he'll have to run as a Democrat. There's no way Republicans are nominating a pro-choice, pro-gun control New York Jew to be preznit.

You think Dems would be stupid enough to take him into the party?

I bet they would. Look how many worked for him in 2005.

The reality about Bloomberg, though, is that he is a Bush Republican through and through - whenever there is a battle between working class and middle class citizens and rich, powerful corporations, Bloomberg always comes down on the side of the rich, powerful corporations. Bloomberg is anti-union, anti-working class, loves cutting taxes for businesses and raising them on working class and middle class Americans, and has thought nothing of cutting the starting salary of cops and firemen by $10,000 dollars while trying to railroad a $1 billion stadium giveaway through for the rich, powerful corporation known as the New York Jets.

Doesn't that sound like a Bush Republican to you?

Like Rudy, George, and very possibly "maverick" McCain, Bloomberg's chances at the GOP nomination are slim to none.

Also, it's gonna be tough to ace out Hillary, and if anyone's gonna do it, it ain't turncoat Mayor Mike.
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