Tuesday, March 28, 2006

But Where's The Mad Hatter?

CNN's Jon King quoting an anonymous Republican discussing the Andy Card resignation and the Josh Bolten promotion to be Preznit Bush's new chief of staff:

"It's like replacing Tweedledum with Tweedledee."

A major staff shake-up this is not.

Can't Bushie appoint naybody to a position of relative power that he doesn't already know?

Great quote, though. It's marginally encouraging to see there's a Republican somewhere with something that approaches a sense of humor.
It is a funny quote.

I always wonder if there's a bunch of funny Republicans who only give humorous quotes off the record or if there's one funny GOPer providing all of the quotes.

Judging by what most Republicans say on the record,I'm betting it's one guy giving the quotes.
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