Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Still Don't Understand Why This Isn't A Bigger Story

Craig Crawford said on Imus this morning that he doesn't understand why the allegations that Russian spys stole the war plans from Central Command days before the Iraq war and passed them on to Saddam Hussein isn't a bigger story.

I want to know why the Russian spying allegations isn't a bigger story too.

Just yesterday on Hardball, Tweety Bird and Washington Post blogger Chris Cilliza were laughing about the Democrats attempts to declare a National Security strategy for the upcoming November midterm elections. Dems held a press conference yesterday, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid along with special guests like Albright and General Clark, in order to publicize their nationalsecurity strategy.

The meme for Tweety and Cilliza on Hardball yesterday was that Democrats are notoriously weak and unreliable on national security issues, so their attempts to publicize a national strategy on security were silly and laughable.

To prove his point, Cilliza noted that Nancy Pelosi ended the presser by holding a placard upside down and saying Democrats offered a real plan for security. Cilliza, giggling like my thirteen year old freshmen, thought Pelosi's faux pas summed up the entire Democratic national security plan.

And yet, we have heard NOTHING from Tweety Bird or Cilliza or the Beard or O.J. Scarborough or any of the other talking heads about the Russian spying story.

Again, let me repeat, a Republican administration that claims its sole legitimacy on national security issues allowed the Russians to steal the Iraq war plans from Central Command and pass them on to Saddam before the war.

If Tweety Bird and Cilliza want to giggle like teenage schoolboys and schoolgirls over something, they should try it after Dick Cheney gives his "Only we can keep the country safe" speeches.

Because that's truly funny, given the fact that port security, border security, infrastructure security, nuclear power plant security, and Iraq war plans have all been bungled, ignored or just screwed up by the people running this administration.

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