Thursday, March 16, 2006

Major New American Military Offensive In Iraq

50 Black Hawk, Chinook, and Apache helicopters and 1,500 American and Iraqi troops are hitting alleged insurgent targets in an area outside of Samarra.

This is the biggest military air assault in Iraq since the original American invasion back in 2003.

This major assault comes nearly three years after Preznit Bush declared major combat operations in Iraq to be over.

CNN is reporting that the military is not allowing any press members to accompany either American or Iraqi troops.

We will be forced to rely upon the Pentagon for reports on the assault, including how well Iraqi troops perform in combat.

I imagine the Pentagon and/or the administration deliberately didn't embed any journalists with troops during this assault so that they can lie to us about how well the Iraqi troops performed during combat operations.

So when do you think the administration will release a report saying Iraqi troops performed extremely well during the Assault on Samarra: 2006 version?

I bet the report is released within the week, probably before the next "The Iraq War Is Going Swimmingly" speech Bush is set to give on Monday.

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