Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Good News From Iraq

Let's all remember before we look at today's Iraq news that everything is going swimmingly in Iraq.

Let us also remember that the news media only shows the bad news from iraq and never the good stuff, like how American soldiers give out candy to Iraqi kids or help rebuild schools and hospitals around the country.

So here's the news wrap-up:

Gunmen Kill Shiite Pilgrims in Baghdad

Peace Activists Freed in Iraq
Military raid frees two Britons and a Canadian -- colleagues of Tom Fox of Virginia, who was shot to death two weeks ago.

At Least 15 Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blast
(AP) -- Two separate car bomb explosions killed at least 21 people and wounded more than 50 in the capital on Thursday, police said.

Insurgents Shower Iraq Police Center With Mortar Shells

Doesn't seem like a lot of good news out of Iraq this morning. Even the story that's supposed to make it seem like good things are happening in Iraq, which is the rescue of the peace activists, only reminds you that they were kidnapped in the first place and their colleague was murdered earlier in the month.

So is all this bad news the media's fault? Should they ignore these stories of violence and bloodshed for stories about American soldiers handing out candy to Iraqi kids or rebuilding schools or hospitals?

Well, let's think of it this way. If these stories were coming out of New York rather than Iraq, which ones do you think the media would cover - the stories about hospitals and handing out candy or the stories about the car bombings, the kidnappings and rescue, the pilgrim murders, and the attack on the police station?

They'd probably cover the car bombings, murders, and police station attacks, right?

And one more thing about these supposed good things coming out of Iraq. There has been plenty of evidence that the reconstruction of Iraq has NOT happened as well as it should have. The levels of electricity, clean water, and employment are below where they were before the war started.

So how many hospitals and schools could the American military really be rebuilding in the first place?

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