Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Poll Numbers Continue To Plummet For Bush/GOP

Here's a rundown of the last five polls measuring Preznit Bush's job approval rating. The first four come courtesy of, the last one courtesy of MSNBC:

AP-Ipsos: 37% approve; 60% disapprove
Pew: 33% approve; 57% disapprove
CBS: 34% approve 57% disapprove
Gallup: 36% approve; 60% disapprove
WSJ/NBC: 37% approve; 58% disapprove

Here's one very interesting number from the WSJ/NBC poll:

50% of American prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress after the November midterms while only 37% prefer a Republican-controlled Congress.

According to Keith Olbermann tonight on Countdown, the 50% preference number for the Democrats is the highest preference for either party ever in the WSJ/NBC poll.

Tom Defrank of the NY Daily News told Olbermann that the 13 point gap between the parties is essentially a vote of no confidence for both the preznit and the GOP-controlled Congress rather than a vote of confidence for Democrats.

Nonetheless, Defrank noted that if that 13 point gap between Democrats and Republicans continues all the way to November, the GOP is looking at a trouncing in the midterms.

I know Republicans think their control of the House is basically safe because of all the gerrymandered districts around the country.

But Tom DeFrank's a pretty smart political cookie (not to mention an old GOP operative for George Herbert Walker Bush.)

If Defrank thinks Republicans are in trouble, Republicans are in trouble.

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