Friday, March 17, 2006

Romney's A Sleazebag

I'm watching Imus on MSNBC right now and I have to say that Mitt Romney makes me sick.

He managed to blame the media for recent poll numbers showing 70% of Americans believe Iraq is devolving into civil war (cuz' it's Reuters fault that 100 people a week are being garroted in revenge killings, you know) and say anybody who wants to withdraw troops from Iraq just isn't tough enough in the face of a "tough job."

OK, cowboy - how about putting your money where your mouth is and sending some of your family members over to Iraq to help "establish democracy." And while you're at it, send another 250,000 troops over too, because that's what it's going to take to actually establish at least a modicum of security in that country, let alone fucking democracy.

But of course Romney would rather demagogue the issue by characterizing war critics as cowards and weak instead of postulating a real plan to end the violence in Iraq and head off the possibility of a partitioned nation.

What a slick, phony scumbag. Romney's beyond contempt.

He's behind in recent polls too. I'm glad he's hitching his wagon to such drek.
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