Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wash Post Editorial Page Should Enlist

The Washington Post editorial page loves its preznit:

PRESIDENT BUSH should hold more news conferences. In his hour-long exchange with reporters at the White House yesterday, he was considerably more effective in explaining and defending his commitment to the war in Iraq than in the three carefully worded speeches he has delivered in the past week. In his sometimes blunt, sometimes joking and sometimes unpolished way, he sounded authentic -- no more so than when he was asked what had become of the "political capital" he claimed after the 2004 election. "I'd say I'm spending that capital on the war," Mr. Bush replied.


The president clearly has not lost sight of the enormous importance of the Iraqi mission, to U.S. security as well as to his presidency. Pressed repeatedly to say when American forces would leave the country entirely, he finally answered: "That will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq." Not the most politic response, perhaps, but one that shows Mr. Bush remains committed in the theater where U.S. commitment, and leadership, are still desperately needed.

I love when the wankers at the Post editorial page get all excited by the stirring rhetoric of their big, strong, war-time preznit. I love, too, when the Posties renew their support for the Iraq war every so often after the preznit gives some speech or press conference telling people how we must succeed in Iraq.

But let me remind the wankers at the Washington Post that the reason why we must succeed in Iraq is because Preznit Bush has made such a fucking mess of a war that didn't have to be started in the first place, a war that the world, the Middle East, and certainly the United States would have been better without.

Let me also remind the Posties that they enabled this war by cheerleading the fucking thing every chance they got beforehand and by hammering critics of the war after it started (and continuing to this day.)

Rather than catching Preznit Bush's lies and calling him on them, the Posties helped spread them, just the way the New York Times and the rest of the American media did.

And so now here were are - stuck in an Iraq war that has devolved into sectarian conflict and cost thousands of Iraqi lives, more than 2300 American lives and billions and billions of dollars. The outcome is uncertain, but it surely will be bad. And the fuckers at the Washington Post are still providing cover for the dumb motherfucker who started all of this chaos in the first place.

Finally, if the Posties think the war in Iraq is so vital and "enormously important," then they should get off their fat asses and out of their carpeted, air-conditioned offices and enlist. The army needs them and certainly would be willing to waive age requirements for the Posties, particularly since the military is always in need of propaganda writers for the Iraqi media who can promulagate how great things are going in Iraq.

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Two things,

Thanks for the reminder on the Gore article by Ezra Klein, I updated and credited back to you.

Also, I noticed that I was in your "favorite links" section. I don't know how long it's been there, but I just noticed this morning, so I'll drop a link back as well. Thanks.

I really found the Klein article heartening this morning when I read it.

Thanks for the credit, but I only saw the article after Digby linked to it.

And thanks for the link. I first found your blog after you left a comment here at RBE. I've been reading your blog ever since (I love the pictures you use, btw.)
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