Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AP Says Snow Is New Press Secretary

The rumor that FOX News "anchor" Tony Snow would be named White House press secretary has been making the rounds ever since new chief of staff Josh Bolten pushed Scott McClellan out of the job.

The Associated Press says it's official: Snow will be the new press secretary.

The AP story notes that Snow has said some "unflattering" things about Preznit Bush and his administration in the past. The story also says the Bushies hope Snow can "reenergize the administration" and lift the preznit's low approval numbers.

So does Tony Snow help "reenergize the administration" and restore some of the credibility McClellan had lost when he was caught giving misinformation about Karl Rove's and Scooter Libby's roles in the CIA leak case?

I dunno. I used to watch Snow on that Sunday morning FOX show for a while, but I had to stop because he just came across as a partisan jerk to me. But to be frank, everybody on FOX comes across as a partisan jerk to me, so maybe my feelings about Tony Snow are not a good gauge for how the rest of the country will see him.

Of course, maybe the rest of the country won't particularly give a shit that Snow is replacing McClellan as long as Americans are dying in Iraq, gas is over $3.00 a gallon, and middle and working class Americans are struggling to make ends meet because of high health care costs, energy costs, college costs, and stagnant wages.

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