Monday, April 24, 2006

Cheney's Security Detail Goes "Up In Smoke"

Via Talk Left, here's a pretty funny quote from Tommy Chong:

"I know Dick Cheney's Secret Service guys smoke pot," Chong said. "The reason I know that is I sold them bongs."

If Chong had said the policymakers in the White House were stoned, that I could I believe. But Cheney's Secret Service detail?

Oh, well. If Cheney can get drunk and shoot people, I guess his security detail ought to be able to get high.

POSTSCRIPT: If Cheney's security detail is getting high, it makes me wonder who else in the Bush administration and/or White House is using.

The twins are, that goes without saying. And I still maintain that Bush himself is a periodic drunk who stays clean most of the time but disappears every once in a while for a two-day bender (you'll notice he disappears from sight with no public appearances every so often and when he resurfaces he's either got cuts on his face, he looks swollen, or both.)

But who else in the administration is either using or drinking to excess? Cheney? Rove? Rummy? Condi? Laura? All of them?

I was under the impression that Cheney was on enough prescription meds to keep the whole Admin supplied.
The other impression is that these are primarily:
a/ downers, given that there seems so little easy enthusiasm on public display.
b/ uppers which are barely enough to fight the depression rampant in the place.
Laura looks like she's on Xanax most of the time. :-)
kvatch, I was trying to figure out her drug of choice and you're right, it's Xanax.

And cartledge, a lotta people actually think Cheney's already dead and his Secret Service detail has just been pushing him around for the last coupla years (kinda like "Weekend at Cheney's") I dunno if I buy it, but he does seem kind of lifeless. So he's definitely using downers. Or maybe the heart medicine just slows his metabolism down to comatose.
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