Friday, April 28, 2006

Colbert At White Correspondents' Dinner

On C-Span tomorrow night at 8 PM. I'm hoping Stephen Colbert will make an even bigger scene at the White House Correspondents' Dinner than Imus did back in 1996.

UPDATE: Am catching Colbert tear Bill Kristol a new anus on The Colbert Report repeat on Comedy Central (Crooks and Liars has the tape if you missed it.)

What a wanker Kristol is. It's nice to see somebody unsettle Kristol the way Colbert did. I wish some reporters would put wankers like Kristol on the hot seat the way Colbert did.

SECOND UPDATE: Kristol denies he hits his wife on The Colbert Report! Watch the tape, you'll see what I mean.

He was brilliant.... and you are a moron. What are you even doing on an education web site?? You do know that the Colbert Show is just one big sarcastic mockery of the anti-intelectual, Fox style news shows. Don't you? THEY were not laughing because THEY were the guilty A-holes that he was humiliating. He is my new hero. Im sooo happy he did not put together some lame-ass, politically correct string of jokes that would be safe. He let the President and his media lap dogs finally have it.
Colbert did a standard Colbert Report routine at the Washington Correspondents Dinner. His show is a laugh riot because he is a brilliant satirist. The only reason there was not much more than uncomfortable chuckles is because Colbert was speaking to the Bush staff and the cowering masses known as the Washington press, and they found that having their lame, lying asses handed to them was not very comfortable.
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