Friday, April 21, 2006

First Read on Midterm Conventional Wisdom

From First Read:

The CW in Washington is that Democrats have a better shot at winning back the House than the Senate. Yet the fact that the Democratic Senate campaign committee continues to outraise its GOP counterpart has to count for something. The Washington Post, in covering the latest fundraising data from the various campaign committees, notes that Sen. Elizabeth Dole was tapped to chair the Republicans' Senate campaign committee "in part because of her reputation as a fundraiser." "Equally significant," the Post says, is that Democrats have the same amount in the bank as their GOP counterparts on the House side.

I've got nothing to add, but it sure would be nice.

All things being equal, I'd prefer the House anyway. At least then we'd get Articles of Impeachment against Bush and it would be forced to trial in the Senate. That's about the best we can hope for because, regardless of whether the Senate is in Democratic or Republican hands, they won't ultimately convict.
It's true. But wouldn't it be nice to have both houses of Congress anyway, just for fun and kicks?

It's what I'm asking for for Christmas from Santa Claus actually.

Then the Dems in the Senate could investigate all those Bush crimes that Pat Roberts has helped to conceal.
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