Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shuster: Rove is More Worried About An Indictment After His Grand Jury Testimony

David Shuster just reported on Hardball that Karl Rove is more worried about being indicted after giving his testimony before the CIA leak grand jury yesterday, not less.

Shuster says Rove was surprised by both the kind of questions asked by Fitzgerald at the grand jury proceedings and by the length of session.

I wonder who leaked this information to Shuster and why he/she leaked it.

Is Rove now expecting an indictment and he's trying to get out in front of the news by laying the groundwork in the media for an eventual indictment?

UPDATE: Sol Wiesenberg, former deputy independent counsel, just told Norah O'Donnell that any time you are a subject in an investigation, have testified five times before a grand jury and spend three and a half hours testifying the fifth time, you are definitely in some trouble.

Oh boy, I wanna see the perp walk...
Me too. But I think it was Howard Fineman on Hardball tonight who noted that every time Rove is photographed walking into and out of the CIA leak grand jury (as the judge mandated must happen - no secret entrances and exits), it's kind of like a "quasi-perp walk."

So enjoy the "quasi-perp walk" until we get the real one.
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