Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So Much For The Fresh Start

Naming Tony Snow as the new White House press secretary was supposed to help the preznit get a fresh break from all the troubles that have beseiged his administration during his second term.

Only one problem: Karl Rove testified before the CIA leak grand jury for a fifth time today. The news of Rove's appearance before the grand jury broke just after Bush's press conference introducing Snow to the media.

Sure is hard to get a fresh start when all that criminal activity and/or problems from the past keep coming back to haunt you.

Last Thursday
when Rove had his policy portfolio stripped from him by new White House chief of staff Josh Bolten, I speculated whether the demotion had anything to do with the CIA leak case.

Now perhaps Rove's demotion was just coincidental, but it sure is funny how he got demoted a week before he stepped before the CIA leak grand jury for a fifth time "to clear up a few things."

Lawrence O'Donnell at Huffington Post thinks Rove's going to be indicted pretty soon (Hat Tip to Mike at Born at the Crest).

I'd say that's probably a pretty good bet. Otherwise, why would Rove have volunteered to go before the grand jury to clear things up again?

UPDATE: Jeralyn at Talk Left thinks Rove is cooperating with Fitzgerald in the CIA leak case. Larissa Alexandrovna at Raw Story reports that "sources close to the investigation" say Rove has been "providing information" to the prosecution in the case.

So which is it? Is Rove cooperating or was he trying to talk his way out of an indictment?

Either way, it's a win-win. If Rove's indicted, that'll make for a fun trial. If Rove is ratting out Cheney or somebody else, Rove's get the new moniker "King Rat."

As I say, it's win-win.

Probably just a fantasy, but it almost seems like Fitzgerald is giving Rove the old, "we will go easy on you if you cooperate." Now he has little choice but to cooperate, but in the end, they will throw the book at him.

A man has to have his dreams.
The Wash Post story seems to say today that Rove is not cooperating but rather was trying to talk his way out of an indictment.

I suppose that could be their cover story though while Rove rats out Cheney.
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