Friday, April 28, 2006

WH Press Secretary Tony Snow's Website's Still Up

And it's showing these "controversial cartoons":

Snow's website claims these are fake versions of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that created world-wide riots after they appeared in a Danish newspaper.

FishbowlNY (hatip) wants to know why Snow's website is still up. Make that ditto for me.

And while we're at it, does the White House want to be tied to the above cartoons? Seems like they have enough firestorms to put out already without Snow's website adding to the conflagrations.

how can Tony face himself in them mirror each morning after lying so blatently to the American people about the Iraq war. He is mouthing the same lies we were told about the Vietnam war-we were winning until we declared victory and RAN!!!. That idiot in the White House is ruining this country as are the Republicans in Congress that havent stood up to the President.
Tony Snow is a good man, people get upset with him because he tells the truth, this FishbowINY is a liberal therefore he or she should not even be a loud in the U.S. because they hate what America Stands for!
Tony If you drop by this site we here in Texas hope for a speedy recovery and for my comment is:
NO-ONE can ever get everything perfect! THAT man died many moons ago I hear! Grace goes along way even when you don't care!
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