Sunday, April 30, 2006

Which Scandal Breaks Big This Week?

There are at least three potentially devastating GOP scandals ready to break wide open.

Karl Rove
may be indicted in the CIA leak case.

Prostitution allegations
involving as many as six unnamed congressmen have emerged in the Randy "Duke" Cunningham bribery case.

The former commissoner of the Food and Drug Administration, Lester Crawford, is under investigation for "financial impropieties" and making false statements to Congress.

And of course there is always the chance for something to break in the Jack Abramoff case.

There has been a lot of talk about how the GOP is going to try really, really hard to get back on track before the November midterms, but given all the scandal minefields they have to successfully navigate to get to those midterm elections without another indictment of a major figure in the GOP Congressional leadership or the administration, you have to wonder how successful they're going to be.

Anyway, which potentially devastating scandal is going to break first?

I'd bet it will take a while to sort out the prostitution allegations. As long as Brent Wilkes, one of the major players in the scandal with lots of info on who did what to whom, hasn't made a deal with prosectuors, there probably won't be any news breaking in that story.

The Crawford scandal, albeit a bit minor in comarison to the other two, may take a while to shake out as well.

If Rove secretly makes a deal with the prosecution in the CIA leak case, it's also possible that nothing breaks publicly in that case either.

But I'm betting Rove is going to get indicted soon. Jason Leopold of Truthout writes that Fitzgerald has already drawn up the Rove indictment and will be presenting it to the grand jury later this week. That could mean a press conference would be set for Friday to announce the indictment.

Wouldn't that be a great way to celebrate the third anniversary of Bush's Mission Accomplished speech on the aircraft carrier?

Maybe it would. But the mission still won't be accomplished yet.
Or probabaly ever. But at least the architect of the "Mission Accomplished" photo will be where he belongs.
Actually, I meant the mission of ridding ourselves of Bush and friends.
Oh, that mission. Sorry. It's Monday and I've been a bit dazed all day.
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