Monday, May 29, 2006

Ralph Reed Shills For Prostitution and Wage Slavery

The Washington Post covers Ralph Reed's ties to the Marianas Islands wage slave/sex slave operations:

In August 1999, political organizer Ralph Reed's firm sent out a mailer to Alabama conservative Christians asking them to call then-Rep. Bob Riley (R-Ala.) and tell him to vote against legislation that would have made the U.S. commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands subject to federal wage and worker safety laws.

Now those seven-year-old words are coming back to haunt Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition and a candidate for the Republican nomination to be Georgia's lieutenant governor.

"The radical left, the Big Labor Union Bosses, and Bill Clinton want to pass a law preventing Chinese from coming to work on the Marianas Islands," the mailer from Reed's firm said. The Chinese workers, it added, "are exposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ" while on the islands, and many "are converted to the Christian faith and return to China with Bibles in hand."

A year earlier, the Department of the Interior -- which oversees federal policy toward the U.S. territory -- presented a very different picture of life for Chinese workers on the islands. An Interior report found that Chinese women were subject to forced abortions and that women and children were subject to forced prostitution in the local sex-tourism industry.

It also alleged that the garment industry and other businesses set up facilities on the Northern Marianas to produce products labeled "Made in the USA," while importing workers from China and other Asian countries and paying them less than U.S. minimum wage under conditions not subject to federal safety standards.

Lisa Baron, a spokeswoman for Reed's campaign, said Millennium Marketing "was hired as a direct-mail subcontractor to assist in encouraging grass-roots citizens to promote the propagation of the gospel."

"As a defender of the unborn, Ralph was unaware of any allegations regarding inhumane or illegal treatment of workers, and he would strongly object to such practices, if true," she added.

Uh, huh. But Reed didn't bother to find out if these allegations were true or not. To be frank, he didn't really give a shit one way or the other. All he cared aboput was the money he was making off of the deal. Former employees of Reed's know this. They were the ones who brought the Northern Marianas mailing to the attention of the Post reporter, "telling him the support on behalf of Northern Marinas leaves their former boss exposed as a hypocrite."

When it's former employees of Ralph Reed who are leading the charge against him, you know he's in trouble. And he ought to be. When a person wears his fucking christianity on his shirt sleeve for everybody to see in public but engages in disgusting endeavors like helping support wage/sex slavery in the Northern Marianas Islands, he's due for a Dickensian exposure as a first-rate hypocritical asshole.

I have noticed the great capacity for the 'religious right', in the US and elsewhere, to score own goals.
I just marvel at their ability to show their faces publicly after they display their amorality.
I am really hoping Reed gets a good kick in the arse in Georgia.
EEEEEK! This is vile.
cartledge, Reed is especially sanctimonious and I hope he gets a good kick too - right out of political life.
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