Monday, May 22, 2006

Shuster: Time Btwn Libby Filings May Free Up Fitz To Focus Back on Rove

Here's part of what David Shuster reported on Hardball tonight (transcript via Raw Story):

Both sides in the Libby case have several weeks before they will file the next set of pleadings. And that could help free up prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his staff to focus on one key unresolved issue in the overall investigation -- the status of presidential advisor Karl Rove.

It's now been 26 days since Rove testified to the grand jury for the 5th time. Defense lawyers say prosecutors remain focused on Rove's claim of a bad memory regarding a conversation with Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper. Rove's legal team and former prosecutors tracking the investigation expect Patrick Fitzgerald to announce a decision at any time.

SCOTT FREDERICKSEN, former federal prosecutor: "Right now is when we would expect the meetings to be wrapped up with his own staff, for him to make the preliminary decision, for him to reach out to Rove's counsel to have the final conversation, or to notify him he is not going forward or to notify him we are going to indict."

SHUSTER: (on-camera) "The CIA leak grand jury is scheduled to meet again this Wednesday.

If Shuster's insinuation that Fitz and Company have been so focused on Libby lately that they haven't had time to finish off the unresolved issue of Rove's status in the case, that would sort of make Jason Leopold's Truthout article that Rove has already been indicted in the case inoperative, wouldn't it?

I think it would. Perhaps somebody out there has an idea about this?

Speaking for your readers, we're sick and tired of conjecture and looking forward to being tossed some red meat, preferably from something alive and protesting loudly.
Red meat? About all I have for you is tofu!!
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