Friday, June 30, 2006

I Hope This Is Not True

From the NY Times:

BAGHDAD, Iraq, June 30 — The United States military said Friday that it was investigating whether American soldiers had killed a family of four Iraqi civilians in March in their home south of Baghdad, adding another inquiry to a growing list of cases where Americans are accused of fatally shooting unarmed Iraqis.

The investigation is being overseen by the highest levels of the American command, and was ordered by the general commanding the Fourth Infantry Division, which is assigned to control the capital and areas immediately to the south, a military spokesman said.


The Associated Press reported today that the investigation involved five soldiers from a unit of the 502nd Infantry Regiment, which was attached to the Fourth Infantry Division though it is formally part of a different division, the 101st Airborne.
Early reports indicate that soldiers may have raped a woman, burned her body and killed the woman's family in a "crime of opportunity,", the news agency reported, citing an unnamed American official. The A.P. recently had a reporter embedded with the 502nd Infantry Regiment.
So far these allegations are just allegations. But good god, if they're true...

Its worse every day..more and more I think our soldiers are losing their minds and have NO one watching over them..they are like a bunch of crazed killers...not all..but a percentage of those with little training and who's superior has little or no training also. The Haditha massacre is a great example of that. The head sargent had absolutely NO training at leading or combat ...none.
Yeah, the leadership is the problem in all of these cases. When the leadership makes it clear this kind of shit will not be tolerated, it won't happen, for the most part. Given the sudden plethora of cases, I'm starting to wonder just how lawless the leadership has allowed it to become over in Iraq.
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