Friday, June 23, 2006

State of Emergency in Baghdad

From the Associated Press:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency in Baghdad Friday, the prime minister's office said, after clashes broke out in a central district.

It also imposed a 2 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew, sending residents of the capital scrambling to get home before it took effect.

The prime minister's office did not immediately give more details about the state of emergency, but it was announced after police said gunmen opened fire on a joint U.S.-Iraqi patrol in the Shwaka district of central Baghdad.

The patrolling forces returned fire and sealed off the area as they clashed with the gunmen, Iraqi army Maj. Ihssan Abdul Hamza said.

Can martial law be far behind?

I love answering rhetorical questions: Martial law--coming soon to the Iraqi occupation!
Now we're talking. Confine everyone to their homes for a year or two, and shoot all violaters on sight. That should put the insurgency in its last throes and finally spread democracy to this ungrateful country.
I don't know if you caught the Australian troops shooting up some Iraq ministry security guards?
The justification is that the guards SUV ignored signs on the Aussie APC and tried to overtake at speed.
The Aussies, seeing AK47s and fearing an attack shot the vehicle up. The upshot being, you can’t simply drive on the roads in Baghdad without fears that the next vehicle is the enemy.
The Aust military response is that it’s simply lucky theire aren’t more of these ‘accidents’.
Reading about the "State of Emergency" here, it sounds like martial law has already arrived.
President of Baghdad indeed.
cartledge, I saw that story about the Australian troops shooting up the Iraq ministry guards. It does show how fragile the peace is.

abi, sounds like Preznit O'Reilly is ready to take power in Iraq!!! Loofah!!!

Howard, thanks for the link.

kvatch - I think it's actually "President of Green Zone."
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