Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gallup Poll: Majority Disapprove Of Stem Cell Veto

USA Today runs an article touting the results from the latest Gallup Poll that show 36% of respondents approved of Preznit Bush's veto of the embryonic stem cell research bill while 58% disapproved. The stem cell numbers tracked pretty well with Bush's overall approval/disapproval numbers. Overall 37% of respondents approve of Bush's performance as president while 59% disapprove. The poll was taken July 21-23 and released yesterday by Gallup.

In the Gallup poll, Bush has only enjoyed 40% approval or higher once since February 6 and that was earlier this month when his approval hit exactly 40%. Bush has been below 50% approval since mid-December 2004.

In four July polls taken by TIME Magazine, Fox News, AP-Ipsos, and Gallup, Preznit's Bush's approval is an average of 36%.

Apparently there is a ceiling to Bush's approval rating that he just cannot break through. Republicans have said repeatedly that for Bush to no longer be a drag on the GOP's chances for the November midterm elections, Bush must hit 45% approval or higher. Absent some extraordinary event that vaults his approval 10 points or more, that's not going happen.

As for the stem cell veto, Hotline on Call says that the jury is still out on whether the veto will hurt Republican Congressional candidates this fall, but some GOPers have already been put on the defensive. It's just one more issue, after the Iraq war, the economy, gas prices, the budget deficit, and global warming, that does not help their chances to hold the House in November.

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