Monday, July 31, 2006

Here's A Heartwarming Story That's Perfect For The Hallmark Channel

In Arizona, GOP gubernatorial candidate Mike Harris has put $100,000 dollars of his own money into his campaign. There's nothing wrong with self-financing a political campaign, of course, but it is strange that Harris had the hundred grand to toss into his campaign coffers considering he just successfully convinced a judge to reduce his monthly child support payments by 50% (from $2,000 a month to a $1,000 a month) because his technology business has recently suffered a "significant reduction of income."

Not enough money to pay your child support but plenty of money to throw into your political campaign. Gee, that makes sense to me.

Just another example of excellent family values from the "Family Values" party. Some other examples include Representative Don Sherwood (R-Pa), who tried to strangle his girlfriend in his DC apartment while his wife was home in Pennsylvania, Opinion Journal columnist John Fund, who has been accused in court of physically and emotionally abusing a former girlfriend who is herself the daughter of another former girlfriend, and Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had a tabloid publisher buddy pay $20,000 dollars hush money to a former girlfriend he first started schtupping when she was 16.

You can't make this stuff up.

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I hope that gets some play in his state.
Something tells me Mr. Harris has what it takes to be a great American politician. ;-)
I wonder if he is related Katherine Harris in any way? I hear the GOP pulled back all support from her today in Florida. Have you ever seen a political campaign implode like hers?
Wotta dick!

I was going to mention Katy-bar-the-door Harris but you beat me to it :p
dusty, it's still amazing to me that the Florida GOP hasn't forcibly pulled her out and gotten another candidate. Hell, as crazy as she is, they could probibly get her committed if they wanted to. She must have some dirt on Jeb or some other GOP bigwig from the 2000 election to keep them from really taking her out. That's all I can figure.
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