Friday, July 21, 2006

National Review Wonders if Rudy's Going To Play To The Vast Wingnuttia Around The Country

According to Hotline On Call, the National Review article says Rudy Giuiliani might be too liberal and too many times married to get through the GOP primary. But if I were say, Karl Rove, and I were working for, say, George Allen or Mitt Romney come 2008, I would make sure I killed Rudy's presidential dreams by reminding GOP primary voters that Rudy

a) got a special dispensation from the Vatican to marry his second cousin (his first wife)
b) cheated on that first wife with his soon-to-be second wife, Donna Hanover
c) got another special dispensation from the Vatican in order to annul the marriage to the first wife (because she was his second cousin, oh my!) in order to marry the second wife (Donna).
d) cheated on his second wife with his soon-to-be third wife, Judith Nathan (there were also rumors that he was schtupping his communication director, Christine Lategano)
e) got a court order to verify his right to bring his soon-to-be third wife, Judith Nathan, home to schtup in Gracie Mansion down the hall from his kids while he was still married to his second wife, Donna.
f) announced publicly at a press conference that he was divorcing his second wife, Donna, before he told her he was divorcing her
g) moved in with two gay men for a short time after he left Gracie Mansion to Donna and the kids

How do you think all this sexual sleaziness is going to play to the evangelical base that was so adamant Clinton needed to be impeached for the Oval office blowjob? And don't say Rudy's sexual history and legendary infidelities aren't in bounds for the election. Let's all remember that The New York Times published a front page 3,000 word story a few months back about how many nights the Clintons spend sleeping together. If Hillary's sex life is in bounds, surely Rudy's is.

Not that Rove or his minions care whether Rudy's sexual history is in bounds or not. After they destroyed John McCain in South Carolina back in 2000 with rumors he was a Manchurian candidate brainwashed by the Red Chinese during the Vietnam War, they've shown they don't have compunction about going "nukuler" against anybody in a campaign fight.

More importantly, were he to overcome the GOP opponents (which I believe would be impossible), would a dem bring out that stuff?

Despite your certain misgivings about here, Hilary would. Of course, then the GOP would accuse her of being her husband.

Great picture, by the way.
And let's not forget the Kerik stuff. Or the fact that before 2001, Rudy had become reviled in this city. Rudy has some big weaknesses as a candidate.
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