Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roberts Continues To Hold Up Pre-War Intelligence Report

When Democrats closed down the Senate last November to protest the "slow pace" of Senator Pat Roberts' investigation into the prewar Iraq intelligence, Roberts called the move a "a political stunt" and said the report was almost ready to be released.

The Washington Post says Roberts was lying.

Staffers on the Seclect Intelligence Committee who are working on the report, which the Republican-led committee first agreed to write back in February 2004, have told the Post work didn't actually start until after the November shutdown of the Senate by Democrats. In addition, the report is nowhere near complete, with just two of five planned sections written and ready to be voted on by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The section that deals with whether the administration manipulated the pre-war intelligence in order to sell the war to the public has not yet been written and probably won't be finished until after the November midterm elections.

If Democrats retake the House and Senate this November, one of the first investigations they ought to launch is against Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas. The fucker has done everything in his power to make sure whatever machinations that went on behind the scenes before the Iraq war will never see the light of day. The American people deserve to know whether the Bush administration deliberately lied about the pre-war intelligence and they also deserve to know why Senator Pat Roberts has held this report up for nearly 2 and a half years and lied repeatedly about it.

UPDATE: THINK PROGRESS has a rundown of all the coverups Roberts has engaged in as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. They include: warranteless domestic spying, Iraq intelligence, torture, and intelligence leaks. Check it out.

I'm not sure that it is 'if' anymore. The hip pocket nerve is twitching to beat the band.
The worry is that the next two years will be frittered away with inquiries.
I guess one can always hope there is a good balance between investigation and governance.
That being so, it is difficult to see what, of the mass of potential issues, will get priority.
I think that the report should be a priority. I am less concerned with nailing Roberts, than just getting the report out.

If it is ever shown officially that the administration manipulated the itelligence, that would represent a paradigm shift in the debate.
cartledge, you're right that with so many pressing issues banging against the door these days, it is hard to see how the pre-war intelligence report gets priority. But let's face it - it's because of the Iraq war that so many of these other issues are pressing. Does anyone bleive the Iraq war hasn't given Iran the freedom to pursue its nuclear ambitions and support Hezbollah in the conflict w/ Israel? Does anyone really beleive that N. Korea isn't asserting its own wings as a result of the U.S. military debalce in Iraq? It's important that we get to the bottom of the pre-war intell debalce and expose the administration for lying and thus bringing us to this low point.

PT, you're right that nailing Pat Roberts is not the highest priority here. But he's such a lying, pin-headed, water-carrying wanker that I couldn't help writing that an investigation of Roberts should be launched. We've been talking about Chuck Hagel in another comment thread and how the nation would be better off if there were more Hagels in Washington. The flip side of that coin is that the world would be better off if there were less Roberts, guys who ALWAYS put party above patriotism and principle.
I love the title of the Think Progress article..smacks that dipwad right between the eyes. I am so sick and tired of these guys thinking they can do anything they want and have no oversight what so ever.
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