Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bush Administration Gets Ready To Mark One Year Katrina Anniversary

There will be music and drinking, just like Bushie used to do in New Orleans when he was in college and the Texas Air National Guard. Luckily the partying part of New Orleans has been restored to its former glory, so there will be plenty of places to get loaded. As for the rest of the area, not so much...


This comment is off topic but one in which I think you will be interested inasmuch as you and your wife, like my wife, are teachers.

The front page story of the Rocky Mountain News today concerned Eric Hamlin, a 7th grade Geography teacher from Jefferson County (Jeffco is immediately west of Denver and is the district in which Columbine HS is located.) Mr. Hamlin was placed on paid administrative leave for refusing to remove the Chinese, Mexican, and United Nations flags from hios classroom.

Purportedly, Mr. Hamlin was in violation of a Colorado law. The statute, Section 18-11-205 C.R.S. makes it a class one petty offense to display the flag of nation but the United States in any public building.

Paragragh (4)(a)(IV) contains an exception for:"The display of any flag or representation thereof...that is part of a temporary display of any instructional or historical materials that is not permanently affixed or attached to any part of the buildings or grounds...."

I am happy to report that Mr. Hamlin will be back in the classroom tomorrow having agreed to display the flags for only 6 weeks at a time.

Jesus wept.
tony, thanks for that story. That's just horrifying. I don't understand the anxiety so many Americans have over things like displaying the flags of other countries or international bodies (even "godless" and communist ones!!!) To my mind, people with such anxieties are small-minded and ignorant. I mean, seriously, what could be the problem with flying the Mexican flag in a history classroom along w/ flags from other nations?

Man, evolution in so many areas of this nation seems to be regressing. The problem is, the parts of the country where evolution is regressing tend not to believe in evolution. Which is perhaps the problem.
reality, you wrote:

" Luckily the partying part of New Orleans has been restored to its former glory, so there will be plenty of places to get loaded. As for the rest of the area, not so much..."

Are you suggesting the Bush administration is responsible for the path and severity of hurricanes?

Two investigative books about the hurricane and its aftermath were recently published. One blames the federal government more than the other, but both journalists determined the Louisiana and New Orleans governments were seriously at fault.

Meanwhile the stories of first responders have appeared. They were too busy saving people during the storm to talk to reporters. But they did magnificent work and have gone largely unheralded.
All three flags - China, Mexico and the UN - should rightfully so be banned from the classroom because they are the enemies of America.
Rockey Vaccarella to Bush: Heckuva job, Georgie.
As long as we're listing enemies of our nation, annonny-maus, let's not forget Denmark and Lithuania.

Abi, the funniest part about the "Tale of Rockey" was how so many reporters from the cable news networks and broadcast networks were taken in by the scam. I heard Ed Henry (who's really an idiot) take the "Rocky Balboa" metaphor to new heights of ridiculousness on CNN (e.g., "Rockey Vaccarella, against all odds, made his way to Washington in the hopes of meeting president bush and planting a big fat kiss upon his flatulent backside in thanks for providing him with a FEMA trailer to live in for the last year...")

Funny stuff.
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